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Digital Professional

After successfully completing my Masters in Digital Design, I am now ready to further explore the world of UX design. I am focused on creating a good user experience with meaning, focusing on inclusivity and accessibility. Lately, I have a particular interest in digital connection products that improve the user's life by not creating addictive products, but rather products that save time and therefore emphasize real life connectedness.


My projects are soon available in Dutch & English! Besides this, I’ll share soon some cool projects with you from my Master Digital Design.

More to follow soon!


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User Experience Design

I design meaningful user experiences. I often create that little bit extra by involving all the senses in my project. Using a variety of research, testing and analysis, I turn user needs into reality.

My story

Hi there! I am Bente Vonk, 25 years old and from Waalre. I have moved to Amsterdam and  here I started with the study Communication & Multimedia Design. In this four-year study you learn everything about Design – the visual side, the interactive direction, concept and also the basics of what is technically possible. My interests were mainly in Concept & Interaction. How can I create the most thoughtful concept that leaves a valuable meaning? That really makes the lives of potential users easier? What does the user really want? What are clear and playful interactions? How do I create the best user experience?

During my internship in my second year at WT Interactive – a Story Interaction agency – I learned to be engaged in Storytelling & Interaction Design. In addition, I did an internship at FONK Cape Town (App Design Company) in my fourth year. Here, I mainly learned a lot about UX/UI Design in applications. In addition, I developed group-related skills in an international team.

To complete this study I did a graduation project for Brouwerij Troost in Amsterdam. The focus of this project was to connect user and Troost’s beers in an interactive way.

After graduating, I started my own company Studio BENAAN. I help people with their social media, online representation and designs. Besides this, I just successfully achieved my Masters’ degree in Digital Design.  I am very entrepreneurial, creative, approachable and flexible.  Hopefully we will meet soon!

My work experience in the digital field

SEPT 2020 - JUNI 2021

Master Digital Design

NOV 2019 - NOW

Entrepreneur with my own Studio BENAAN, Amsterdam.

APR 2019 - HEDEN

Social Media & Marketing - Brouwerij Troost, Amsterdam.

SEPT 2018 - FEB 2018

Intern UX&UI Design & Social Media at FONK, South-Africa.

FEB 2017 - APR 2017

Intern Interaction Design at WT Interactive, Amsterdam.

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